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Workshop at Underbjerg Landtechnik GmbH

By using very different techniques in agriculture variety of repair options are given. In order to respond as quickly as possible to the fault finding and subsequent repair, our commitment is to train professionals. Our colleagues in the Workshop are regularly at FENDT in the education- and training-centers on the cutting edge of technology.

Our goal is to further shorten the repair times and to minimize your costs. We are, of course, for the repair of all equipment and agricultural machinery brands, whether machine or attachments device.

Computer directly in the workshop offset our staff in a position to deal with the opportunities offered by Fendt programs such as spare parts catalogs, repair manuals, etc. to learn and use. We see this as an important prerequisite for rapid fault analysis with the laptop be able to carry on the machines at faults. Thus we are able to directly retrieve solutions to problems.

Much we can even do on-site. Just call - and our mobile workshop cars passes. Outside of business hours, you can contact our emergency service.

24 hour phone number for all cases: +49 151-40249861

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