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Spare Parts with Underbjerg Landtechnik GmbH

Our large, well stocked parts store have over 10.000 spare part items and these parts are always reach for you.

About 90 % of the stock are FENDT orginal spare parts. But lubricants & oils fprm FENDT, wheels and tires, bearings, hydraulic hoses & fittings, screws, nuts, etc. are also part of the range.With modern computer technology optimum availability of important spare parts is constantly given.

If something should not be in stock, it will be ordered overnight the next morning. In our shop section contains the FENDT clothing and memorabilia and toys from Bruder, Siku and Britains. Also top links, linchpins and lubricants and cleaning agents are available for you on the shelf.

In addition, we can manufacture hydraulic hoses to SW27 itself.

We will advise you!

24 hour phone number for all cases: +49 151-40249862

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